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Hi there,

I'm trying to install a Cedrus RB-830 shipped after June 2011 with Windows XP 32-bit System.
So, I know that Windows should find the right driver by itself with the first plug in, but in my case it didn't.
That's why I downloaded the Virtual Com Port Driver from this Website: I followed the instructions from this Website, but it still didn't work. Windows Wizard said it didn't find the necessary software for the device, although I instructed it to search in the downloaded folder.

Then, I have downloaded the reinstall package from the same website, as I thought maybe there are some other drivers on the computer. I ran it and then tried again to download the Virtual Com Port Driver and to install the RB-830.

It still doesn't work. I always receive the message from Windows Wizard that it can't find the necessary software. So, after spending few days in this forum, I couldn't find a solution (Well...I must confess I also don't know what the problem is ) and hope that anyone can help me with this.

kind regards!!
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Posted August 26th, 2013 #2
If you follow the steps from the web-link below, Windows will be able to recognize the response pad.
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