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StimTracker TTL inputs, Posted April 29th, 2013 #1

I am using Superlab and a StimTracker in conjunction with the STP100C. I am a little unclear about the 6 TTL input lines. Id like to know if these can be used to send event markers from Superlab to Aqcknowledge. I know that the USB cable can be used to create event markers on 3 channels, but I am interested in having more event markers. Everything Ive read implies that the ethernet cord is used for button boxes, but I am just wondering if it can be used to pass a digital signal from Superlab to Acqknowledge as well.

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For sending event codes from SuperLab to Acqknowledge, the preferred method is USB, as you mention. The TTL Input connector does not have to be used with a response pad; it can be used with any general purpose TTL lines. You can always use a USB-based I/O device from National Instruments or Measurement Computing to send additional bits of information.
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