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When I try to load my experiments that I created in Superlab 4.0.1 into my upgraded 4.0.2 version, I get the following error and the experiment is not loaded--

09:13:00: Symbol not found: __ZN11SuperLabSDK14SLSdkBaseInput17OnStartEventInp utEb Referenced from: /Users/krisknutson/Desktop/SuperLab 4/SuperLab Keys.bundle/Contents/MacOS/in-Keyboard-Single Keys Expected in: /Users/krisknutson/Desktop/SuperLab 4/SuperLab
09:13:00: Unable to create plug-in settings object for PlugInID 2001, SLSdkBase pointer is null.
09:13:00: An error occured attempting to open "/Users/krisknutson/Desktop/aMy_Stuff/Prosopagnosia_casestudy/My IATs/Face_or_not.sl4". Click "Details" for more information.

Please tell me all the work I spent creating these experiments is wasted because they can't be loaded into the newer version. (The old version, 4.0.1, has a lot of problems with code values and I'd rather not use it.)

I'm using a Mac OS X.
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4.0.2 is backward compatible, Posted March 12th, 2007 #2
SuperLab 4.0.2 should not have any problems loading any experiment since the first 4.0 beta release. Can you email me the experiment? I'll send you my email address in a PM to avoid (even more) spam.
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Posted March 15th, 2007 #3
This looks like a problem with your copy of SuperLab. Try removing you existing copy and re-download the 4.0.2 disk image.
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