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Hello there! New question from eternal beginner here.

I am trying to keep a large experiment manageable by reducing the number of trials and events I have, most of which use either short (10 items) or long (120) stim lists.

In this view, I am wondering if and how I can :
- interrupt “trial 1” after 12 presentations (out of 120),
- then show presentation #1 (out of 10) of “trial 2”
- then show presentations #13-24 of “trial 1”
- then show presentation #2 from “trial 2”.
and so on, so that I could have 2 trials instead of 20.

I have tried using rules and feedback but was unsuccessful. I am certainly missing something and would be very thankful to anyone willing to point me to the right direction!

Feel free to let me know if my description does not make much sense, I'll try to explain better what I want to do.

Thank you in advance!
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