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More than 2 events in one trial?, Posted January 28th, 2013 #1
Hi all,

I would like to ask two more questions:

is it possible to connect more than 2 events in one trial?

We want to present a fixation point, followed by a sentence, which is then followed by a blank screen. We created three events for each of these parts of the experiment and connected them all to the same trial. However, the blank screen event (third event) does not show - is that because we missed some important setting in the "blank screen editor" or is it simply not possible to have more than 2 events in one trial?

We are also trying to create a feedback for one of the events and we came across the problem of not being able to have an event with a stimulus list as a feedback. Our stimulus list consists of only two items. Is there a solution to that problem?

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