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Thanks for your reply.
I tried playing around with the options and this is what I have as my final expt. unfotunralte i cant upload the zip file.

It seems okay, not the most practical way perhaps, but it looks like it will run just fine.

Could you help me out with randomizing the stimulus lists? Im a bit confused about how to do it.

for example, each block is linked to 6 cues+ 6 trials + 6 responses in total.
Each cue trial has only 1 event 'cue'
Each trial has 1 stimulus list (15 items)
Each response is linked to 2 'response events'

While running, the 6 trials run in the order they are placed in the trials, but I would like to randomize them, together with their respective response so that I can see when a correct response is made or not.

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