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how to manage EM or trigger problems, Posted August 18th, 2016 #1

I just started to use superlab 4.5 and stimtracker in our EEG lab (using Brain Product).
I made auditory stimuli and digital output event in superlab, and I am stuck in generate a pulse thing.

As a novice of this experiment tool set,
Q1. Are there any manuals or instuctions for it?
Q2. How different are EM0 ~ EM7 and entering a value?
Q3. I tested MMN paradigm (standard and deviant sound stimuli), and when I analyzing, I found 5 segmentation I did not deginate. Could I know how this went on?
Q4. I read superlab 5 manual and found "parameter setting", but I don't think it is in superlab 4.5. I found so many "response" values (from response 1 to 15) and I don't know what these are...

I am so sorry to bother you,
and I would be really happy how to manage these problems or to get any instructions for them.
Thank you very much for reading.

Best regards,
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