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Still having trouble, Posted February 7th, 2017 #6
Dear Arman,

Thank you yet again for your help! Your solution works fine in Superlab as well as in acq - but not when I continue using the same solution throughout the block.

What happens is that the channels don't register in Acq. EC0 is set for the ITI's - that works throughout the block. EC1 is set for the first picture - works fine. EC2 is set for startle - works fine throughout the block. However Picture 2 (want it on channel EC4), Picture 3 (want it on channel EC6), Picture 4 (want it on channel EC3) and Picture 5 (want it on channel EC 5) does not work in Acq. Nothing comes up even though I have used your solution in the same way during the whole block. Why is it that some channels don't want to register? What can I do? I need to use separate channels for all picture categories since they are different and I need to be able to tell them apart in Acq.

I have created an experiment package - I'm so sorry about last time. It is only startle probes included and text files instead of pictures - but it works fine for me when I use pictures as well, so that shouldn't be a problem. Thank you for your patience!

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