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Usb-, Posted January 20th, 2011 #2
Indeed, there has been a change, forced upon us by a change in Microsoft Windows 64-bit security policy (Vista and 7). This change took effect on units that started shipping in September 2010.

USB devices must have unique vendor and product IDs. Units shipped prior to last September had our own product ID (we were and still are using the vendor ID of the chip supplier). Units that started shipping in September now use the generic, standard product ID. That's why both Macs and PCs will now recognize it as "USB <-> Serial".

The only thing that's affected by this change is the name of serial port, as seen by Mac OS. In fact, in the recently released SuperLab 4.5, the portion of the code that auto-detects the presence of the response pad was unchanged -- it just worked. The code enumerates all the available pseudo-serial ports and finds if the response pad is using one of them.

In summary: you should still be able to have Matlab (or any other) code communicate with the response pad just like before. Only the serial port name needs to be updated. See also this support note for Mac users.
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