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StimTracker will have no problem at all processing a 4ms TTL input pulse. As you can see on the Specifications page, the latency is just 0.01ms, or 10Ás.

I suggest that you verify that your other equipment can handle 4ms. I have no idea what the Phantom and TX300 can do, but Neuroscan has provided us with the following info about pulse durations:

- NuAmps requires a minimum of 5ms

- SynAmpsRT and Neuvo can pick up pulses as narrow as 50microseconds

- Grael minimum pulse duration is 1ms

More broadly, do you really need to send a periodic pulse? One big advantage of StimTracker for Tobii TX300 is that the signals are delivered simultaneously (with zero delay) on both the TX300 port and the EEG port. So event markers are in sync across all devices. Sending a periodic pulse might add clutter to your data, especially on the TX300 because that device has only a single bit of input. So if you also want to detect light sensor onset, it will become more difficult to distinguish on that single line if the pulse is coming from the light sensor or from the Arduino.
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