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New RB-*30 protocol, Posted January 20th, 2011 #1
We are using a Mac (mini, if it matters) with one of the new RB-730s. As far as I can tell, in the old code, when the device was connected to the computer, it should create a new tty.* in /dev/, resulting in the ability to access the serial port, judging by previous code in MATLAB, the code bases for C++, and Python.

However, while this device is detected by the computers as USB <-> Serial, and it is recognized in the latest version of SuperLab as being a seven button button box, it does not have the behavior expected. In particular, this box does not create or change any of the serial ports on the computer, and the C++ and Python functions do not even recognize that a device is attached, presumably because they're looking for something.

What has changed in the implementation of this device, so that I may be able to access it using standard programming languages outside SuperLab?

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