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Originally Posted by Hisham View Post
Unfortunately, we can no longer help with licensing-related questions for SuperLab 2. That version has not shipped since June 2006 almost nine years ago, and I cannot find the needed tool to generate a version 2 key on any of our office computers.

And neither can the old .xpt files be imported into SuperLab 4. However, by using the stimulus lists feature in SuperLab 4 and 5, you will likely find that the experiment can be created with much faster speed than before.
I feared that might be the case. I'll just move forward with recreating it in the newer version then, which shouldn't take too long. Using the demo version of SL2 I can see how the experiment is constructed and remake it more or less exactly from the test taker's point of view, which is what is most important. Really, it's something that would need to be done eventually in any case.

Thank you for replying to my question.
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