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My lab wants to perform an old experiment made with SL 2.0.4 (so, it's an .xpt file). We have SL 4.5, but we'd prefer to just run the old experiment as this would not only save us time, but also make comparison to the old experiment exact.

The only trouble is, over the years it seems that the keys and installations of the old SL 2.0.4 have been lost, and the 4.5 key doesn't apply to the old software.

The experiment runs on the unregistered demo SL 2.0.4 fine, but of course we can't record data then.

Is it possible to obtain a key for SL 2.0.4 if we have a key for SL 4.5? Alternatively, is there any easy way to convert .xpt files into the newer superlab file without completely rebuilding the experiment?
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