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cnsla August 31st, 2012 10:59 AM

Little trick to use Stimtracker to STP100C
I use Stimtracker and STP100C
It's little bit tricky to connect them.
(I'm failed to connect them using tiny board and DB37cable).

So, I connect Stimtracker with STP100C with DB25 cable from extra port(not DB37cable).

Than It's possible to Marking EM3,5,7 from superlab (It's enough in many case, you can use 7 different marking) and 1,3,5th button on response pad(in case of I/O cable connected).

Now, the problem is your 2nd button of Response pad cannot be marked.
I fixed this issue simply change the arrange of I/O cable connecting response pad and Stimtracker(actually, LAN cable, you can find anywhere).
When you change 2nd and 3rd line of I/O cable in one side, you can mark 1st and 2nd button independently on STP100C.

: )

MonikaT August 31st, 2012 01:09 PM

Have the signal adapter plugged into the back of StimTracker. The signal adapter provides a 37 pin connector that connects to the STP100C via the DB37 cable.

If you want to use the extra custom cable, you will have to use your own custom cable.

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