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  1. Welcome Note
  2. AC2 line for RB-530
  3. XID Timing - Feature Request
  4. locking the dials on the SV-1 voice key
  5. SV-1 Audio Recording
  6. SV-1 I/O port
  7. X-keys USB Switch Interface
  8. RB-530 and E-Prime: detection trouble
  9. Rb-830
  10. LU444-RH and LU400 pair
  11. RB834 box with EPrime & Accessory connector
  12. RB-830 non detected
  13. Does not detect SV-1
  14. define buttoms for using in e-prime
  15. Sv-1 Voice Key
  16. problems with SV-1
  17. USB to Serial
  18. LU400-PAIR OTEC cable technical specification
  19. response timing with python
  20. SV-1 with very slow AC input?
  21. XID protocol question
  22. Digital output problem
  23. Hi, do you guys have driver for RB-830 on 64-bit XP
  24. Help please RB 420 Response pad
  25. install OS X USB driver for RB-730
  26. RB-830: problem with keypress detection in Win98 (realtime priority)
  27. Interfacing RB-834 with E-prime
  28. RB 834 output
  29. RB-530 & RB-730 in an eye-tracking experiment
  30. RB-830 with Inquisit
  31. LSC400 and eprime / Presentation
  32. Accessory port in ascii mode
  33. problems connecting Lumina
  34. Trigger from Siemens MRI scanner
  35. RB-730, SuperLab 4.0 unable to find RB
  36. Cedrus RB-530 & Presentation
  37. Button numbering on response pads
  38. I/ O Ttl
  39. Connecting to psycho-phsiology equipment
  40. Instalation
  41. trigering codes to Biosemi
  42. USB-based StimTracke
  43. siemens fmri trigger input with lumina lsc-400
  44. Converter USB to RS232
  45. Trigger - Philips Achieva
  46. interfacing trigger from RS-232 with E-Prime
  47. E-Prime Program's Lumina Button Box Only Works on One Computer
  48. switching General purpose vs. Reflective mode
  49. Problem with installing driver for RB-730
  50. StimTracker with AD Instruments and Inquisit
  51. Verbal RT experiment set up
  52. RB-730 with presentation in XID mode
  53. Voice key accessory connector
  54. Voice Response not detected with auditory stimulus
  55. License
  56. PsyScope X and RB-730
  57. SV-1 voice key and eprime
  58. Optical Trigger Adapter for Siemens Scanners?
  59. RB-834 in xid
  60. Psyscope & StimTracker
  61. Installing stimtracker
  62. Erratic mouse
  63. RB530 & VB.net
  64. Button not responding
  65. Troubleshooting an RB-x30 Response Pad
  66. Data viewer
  67. Installing Stimtracker with Nueroscan Synamps2 system
  68. RB-x30 Series button boxes, digital markers, Biopac and E-Prime
  69. problems with RB-834 installation
  70. Lumina Controller Response Pad Not Recording Data
  71. Installing Lumina Response Button
  72. RB-834 in Windows 7
  73. Reactivity to evaluation/criticism
  74. Artifacts in EEG recoding from button press
  75. RB 834 XID mode
  76. Using a USB laptop with the Lumina response pad
  77. voice responses on PC and Mac/with Parrallel
  78. Stimtracker test using Hyperterminal
  79. RB 834 Timing
  80. Inquisit RB-834 Button Codes
  81. Lumina GE HDX trigger issue
  82. my caputer is not recognize the sv-1
  83. SV-1 & E-Prime? Help needed URGENTLY!!!
  84. GE certification?
  85. RB response pad with windows 7 64-bit
  86. accessing trigger when using XID extension in Presentation
  87. New RB-*30 protocol
  88. XID device detected, but...
  89. RB-834 installation problem
  90. RB-530 Buttons sticking in .NET
  91. sv-1 in eprime
  92. Touchscreen
  93. Macbook Pro - RB 834 not detected
  94. RB-834, E-Prime 2.0: run-time error 10051
  95. StimTracker with Eprime and PowerLab
  96. SV-1 and Xidon problems!
  97. Stimtracker, superlab and parallel port
  98. Problem Using RB-730 with E-Prime
  99. Runtime Error when detecting RB-730
  100. Use SLP4.5 and RBx30 with external peripherals
  101. Rb-830 & 834
  102. Multiple Cedrus Response Pads
  103. Switch to Active High on RB Connector
  104. Remove some keys of RB-530
  105. RB-530 and Windows 7 32-bit
  106. Accessory connector with E-prime
  107. Response Pads and Windows 7
  108. Windows 7 64-bit OS & RB-834
  109. Creating a TTL pulse with Measurement Computing board
  110. serial mouse and response pad
  111. sv-1 2G ascii mode
  112. Cedrus RB-830 Response Pad - Can you use with Win7 64bit if you use Windows XP mode
  113. New Problem with re-installing RB730
  114. response time to button press and button release
  115. Accessory socket
  116. reconfiguring response box problem - EPrime doesn't see Cedrus
  117. Accessory Connector length
  118. keyborad equivalent of LU442 button presses?
  119. Lumina fMRI response pad - accessory connector
  120. RB x30 series response pad
  121. RB-830 (pre June 2011) & Windows 7 64bit
  122. StimTracker and EGI
  123. sv-1 firmware
  124. Similar Re-Install Issues with RB-530 and RB-730
  125. Problem with Presentation and Cedrus Lumina
  126. Stimtracker Driver Issue
  127. USB-Serial Port Interface for Linux MATLAB/PTB to Lumina
  128. No "Found New Hardware Wizard" window launched when installing driver for RB-730
  129. Response pad difficulties
  130. Using pre-2011 Cedrus RB-834 on new 64 bit computers
  131. changing active state of accessory connector
  132. digital input using NI-DAQ USB-6501
  133. Stimtracker Connection Issue
  134. Response pad RB-830
  135. Updating from 4.5 to 4.5.3
  136. Little trick to use Stimtracker to STP100C
  137. Presentation Response Extension
  138. Downloading the software for stimtracker
  139. Event markers for the stimtracker
  140. response pad RB-730 and E-prime professional
  141. sending audio through stimtracker
  142. RB-730 (pre June 2011) cannot load Windows 64 driver
  143. green light alway on
  144. Using Paradigm with RB-530 Response Pad
  145. Sample C++ code to connect to RB-530
  146. StimTracker Produces High Amp Noise on ANT
  147. Movie clips and superlab
  148. Cedrus Lumina and Current Design fORP932
  149. E-Prime events through StimTracker to ActiView
  150. Using the RB-x30 Response Pads with E-Prime as keyboard
  151. Simultaneous use of two RB-530 devices with E-Prime
  152. SV-1 Voice Key Parameters Picture Word Interference Paradigm
  153. Trigger Pulse Port for GE Excite HDXT MR Scanner
  154. RB-830: Windows Wizard doesn't find necessary software
  155. driver for SV1 in Win 8
  156. StimTracker software commands - how send 10ms pulse
  157. Lumina LSC400B Connector types
  158. Error 126: Measurement Computing IO
  159. controlling a vibrotactile stimulus
  160. StimTracker Light Sensors
  161. about the timing issue
  162. Stimtracker + Adinstrument Powerlab
  163. Biopac-Stimtracker Adapter Issues
  164. Windows 7 PC not recognizing Stim Tracker
  165. light sensor always on during the presentation
  166. about the extra port
  167. the location of light sensor
  168. Delayed Response with E-Prime
  169. Using StimTracker with E-Prime and NeuroScan
  170. the new Lumina 3G controller
  171. Using CRT monitor and stimtracker
  172. website for updating RB
  173. Using StimTracker to mark an event in superlab
  174. Question about Stimtracker Power
  175. Help: Syncing SuperLab/StimTracker/BioPac for EEG
  176. problems detecting SV-1
  177. Timing Issue
  178. Lumina Response pad Red Button always on
  179. Accuracy RB-x30 response box
  180. Problem with Response Pad RB-834
  181. rb-400 on windows xp
  182. serial to USB with SV1
  183. light trigger always on
  184. Send trigger via Accessory Connector with Python? Lumina 400b
  185. Blue screen of death (BSOD) under Windows 7 64bit
  186. Stimtracker with SCAN (not Curry)
  187. RB-730 button release with Presentation
  188. zidon cannot detect SV-1
  189. Matlab to Stimtracker to Scan?
  190. SV-1 voice key: Unreliable
  191. Does StimTracker work with EyeLink yet?
  192. Equipment to each experiment
  193. Stimtracker
  194. RB-830 set up
  195. Trouble with RB-530 response pad
  196. RB-530 vs. RB-540
  197. RB-540 DIP Switch Settings for E-Prime
  198. Wanted: RB-530's ASAP
  199. StimTracker output
  200. Button 2 light constantly on
  201. RB-730 drivers won't install
  202. RB-730 install issues
  203. SV-1 stop detecting voice URGENT!!!!
  204. Setting the threshold on stimtracker audio input
  205. RB-540 appears as Lumina keyboard
  206. problems with Cedrus response pad communicating with PsychoPy via pyxid
  207. RB-840 "Device Descriptor Request Failed"
  208. NBS Presentation: get scanner trigger and behavioral response from Lumina
  209. Using Multiple Response Pads simultaneously
  210. Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) with Stimtracker and STIM2
  211. StimTracker connectivity
  212. using psychopy with older lumina controller
  213. pyxid with psychopy using lsc-400b
  214. Lumina XID plug-in for Presentation does not work
  215. Send 5V TTL output on LSC-400B Accessory Connector
  216. psychopy and pyxid
  217. RB driver for Mac - link not working
  218. pyxid: two responses per button press
  219. Trigger names do not show as originally labelled - or not at all!
  220. Master clock to control Stimtracker through TTL input
  221. Stimtracker and Curry 8
  222. Macbook Pro 2016 / 2017 usb-c port
  223. RB-740 with Psychopy2 builder
  224. Lumina LSC400 controller LED (for yellow button) on continuously and non responsives
  225. RB-540 and Presentation
  226. c-pod with Superlab 5.0
  227. Stemtracker and XID mode
  228. Stimtracker event markers not being sent
  229. Stim Tracker and pyxid
  230. SuperLab 6 and X6 can't recognize 830
  231. StimTracker Trigger Artifact in g.tec g.USBamp (v3)?
  232. Light sensor not detected
  233. Performance issues with Response Pad RB-740 and Superlab
  234. set up
  235. Lumina as keyboard no response
  236. Settings for continuos button press
  237. Sending event markers in E-prime to Nirx through cedrus c-pod
  238. Signal reception
  239. Trouble Sending Triggers From E-Prime with C-Pod
  240. Response Box timeout settings and framerate limitations.
  241. Recommended serial port hardware (will this work?)
  242. Lumina Line 4 Button pad button issue