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  1. Conditional interval after a randomly timed stimulus
  2. Reaction-dependent ISI
  3. How to present 90% of stimuli and 10% of another set of stimuli
  4. Unable to reset parameter
  5. Experiment
  6. Correction trials
  7. Spatial Memory Task
  8. parallel and serial port support in OSX
  9. superlab5 output
  10. Mac Microphone Input behavior and block looping
  11. Microphone input not recognised as a response
  12. Text stimulus blanks out
  13. Stimuli lists - text file for pictures
  14. Correct responses depend on prior trial
  15. Trouble opening .sl4 experiment in Superlab 5
  16. SuperLab was unable to open the microphone device.
  17. Multiple list randomization
  18. Creating multiple stimulus lists
  19. Collect multiple responses to one stimulus
  20. Unable to reset parameter, no feedback options checked
  21. Stress marks in string input responses
  22. Odd-Ball visual
  23. Problem with playing Quicktime movie
  24. image presentation experiment help
  25. image sequence
  26. Present sentences in random order but at different positions on same screen?
  27. Randomise blocks in v5?
  28. Random location on screen but grouped by lists
  29. tagging random stim location
  30. Underlined Text
  31. Font Color of single words
  32. Stimulus disappearing bug?
  33. Image position randomisation not storing correctly
  34. Randomization of list items in a trial
  35. Movie File No Audio
  36. training experiment, word learning
  37. Coding responses
  38. Mouse click not registering single click (MAC)
  39. SuperLab Resolution Timer Issue
  40. Overlapping two Stimuli - 1 ms Stimuli still visible / Does it run with 60 Hz?
  41. Brain Vision Recorder with Superlab 5
  42. How overlap events?
  43. can I save as *.sl4
  44. Method of Adjustment?
  45. Superlab Versioning
  46. Locating pixels
  47. Pausing an experiment
  48. Cannot open AI files in SuperLab
  49. SL not encoding participant responses
  50. How to set language
  51. Varying Trial Levels
  52. I want to start in this computer temporarily
  53. RSVP time between segments
  54. Using Video and Image Together in Single Event
  55. Pixel Position Problem
  56. Too many videos?
  57. pseudo random list of ISI
  58. Proceeding to next block after "Break" trial
  59. Output of Tags in Dataset
  60. open-ended string input not functioning
  61. Long Delay with Superlab 5
  62. Using pdf files in SL 5?
  63. contingent stimulus positioning
  64. Multiple Audio File Presentation--Hard Pan
  65. block break using block rule in sl5
  66. Touch Screen
  67. Please help! (Staying up-to-date with no Internet)
  68. audio event durations
  69. Mouse Response Buttons
  70. superlab is skipping trials
  71. Subliminal Messaging Hardware Question.
  72. Superlab not tagging events based on rules
  73. slide in block change with key press or max. time 24s
  74. Event Markers
  75. Presentation of Select Stimuli from a List
  76. Manipulating proportions of trials in a block
  77. adding text to stimulus
  78. Response window longer than stimuli presentation time
  79. Superlab shows error in both 4.5 and 5 with NI USB DAQ
  80. Randomize stimulus lists without replacement?
  81. Data Output in a Recognition Test
  82. Re-sizing Images Leaves Unwanted Black Border
  83. Interspersing blank text page in random trial
  84. Press key twice and audio stimuli in left or right loudspeaker
  85. RSVP help
  86. Movie trial won't end, text from next event showing up behind movie.
  87. Compiling Response Time
  88. View my experiment?
  89. Move a picture through a grid
  90. Pairing stimulus lists
  91. Error when using rules and parameters
  92. Tagged "response" event creates error
  93. Control Biopac's stimulator (STM100C) from SuperLab
  94. Altering presentation duration of visual stimuli and the light sensor patch
  95. SV-1 settup in Superlab 5
  96. Feedback with audio and image presentation
  97. Copying events from one experiment to another
  98. Touch screen not working
  99. creating stimulus lists dynamically
  100. Screen not erasing after movie stimuli
  101. Repeating content in adjacent events
  102. problem manually activating Superlab licences
  103. Attaching a stimtracker on a touchscreen
  104. Building digit span test in Superlab
  105. Activating SuperLab5
  106. Digital Output/event markers for Pictures in a list
  107. Change Blindness Problem
  108. response keys
  109. Setting position using Trial Levels
  110. Recognition memory paradigm needed
  111. Superlab 5 Freezing
  112. Stop Signal task or Go/No go task ?
  113. Pseudo Randomization
  114. superlab 5.0 error at launch
  115. Switch to another application?
  116. Voice in voice out experiment
  117. Attentional Blink Script
  118. randomize every trial but the first one
  119. Stimtracker output and cabling
  120. Trials with same events except one
  121. giving RT-dependent feedback
  122. simultaneous trials
  123. Multiple alignment settings for experiment?
  124. Sensor patch locations
  125. Lexical decision task with visual and auditory stimuli
  126. Multiple computers freezing with Video Stimuli
  127. How can I present different fixation time?
  128. End Looping After a Set Amount of Time
  129. Generate Sounds w/ Button Press in Superlab
  130. Importing stimuli lists from Excel
  131. Simultaneous presentation of auditory stimulus and visual stimulu
  132. Random order of paired items from two stimulus lists
  133. visual feedback with touch screen
  134. Different presentation durations for simultaneous onset visual and auditory events
  135. Presenting a "Running Timer"
  136. Feedback for two pictures - same or different
  137. different triggers
  138. Temporal Estimation- Time Feedback
  139. presenting multiple events with one click
  140. presenting text stimulus in the same location
  141. Presenting multiple stimulus at the same time
  142. presenting digital output on the 'onset' of the stimulus
  143. Patient response vs. input string in the output when using tags
  144. Extra Action Problem
  145. Using Superlab 5 with proEMG to collect facial EMG data
  146. Random selection of stimuli from list interspersed with blank screen
  147. AcqKnowledge detects input from superlab but not event markers.
  148. How to show participantīs input to them?
  149. Writing tags to output
  150. using stimulus list
  151. Randomizing Trials Within A Block
  152. self-paced reading
  153. LSC400B in SuperLab5
  154. Randomise
  155. stim list no repeats
  156. Pause movie
  157. Acoustic stimuli and visual stimuli
  158. How to present on computer screen two pictures?
  159. strange blanks...
  160. Measuring the duration of a button press
  161. Presenting digital ouput at the same time with the stimulus
  162. SV-1 Voice Key SuperLab 5.0.5
  163. Having problems with digital output
  164. Displaying text and two stimulus photos at once.
  165. Present multiple probes during an event
  166. Randomizing a subset of a stimuli from a list
  167. Cancel tagging, untagging tag sets
  168. Superlab keeps crashing
  169. Help with Active Avoidance experiment
  170. Manipulations within a item in a stimulus list
  171. Can lists be used for correct responses
  172. Using stimulus lists or not?
  173. Event Order and Audio Selection
  174. having problems with setting response area
  175. Presenting stimuli from different lists, with no repetition
  176. zip
  177. Stimulus Lists' file names in the output data file.
  178. Fonts in superlab
  179. Randomize all events in trial except first & last
  180. Interrupting trial 1, moving to trial 2, continuing trial 1...
  181. simple tagging problem - URGENT!
  182. "trials (attempts) to criterion"?
  183. RSVP help
  184. timer needs to be checked.
  185. levels of processing
  186. viewing data: "count" column appears one line below the "error code" column
  187. Randomization of text stimulus list and picture stimulus list
  188. Path not found --- study starts Monday
  189. Presenting text line by line
  190. response time longer than stimuli
  191. Simultaneous Visual and Auditory Stimulus
  192. Three seperate stimuli on screen at the same time: MT-IRAP attempt
  193. Fixed ISI after correct response
  194. Prevent too many TRUE or FALSE answers in a row?
  195. Having some difficulty replicating an experiment that masks audio with static.
  196. problem with limits on sequences using feedback
  197. determination of correct response
  198. Data viewing: getting data from each file appear in one single row
  199. two responses for one event
  200. Timing Synchronization With ProComp2
  201. Randomly present sim to specific locations
  202. Problem with Resource Fork
  203. mac to PC error
  204. click to listen
  205. Slider function
  206. Recording verbal responses?
  207. urgent: pattern key-pressing response
  208. New Error with Microphone Input - Mac Sierra OSX 10.12.6
  209. Repeating a single event within a trial
  210. Resume the experiment after exiting
  211. Superlab system error
  212. problem using older computer/touchscreen with 5.0
  213. Problems about showing Japanese text on the screen
  214. Capacities
  215. Creating a Battery
  216. Multiple mouse-click inputs
  217. audio and visual stimuli with latency before the audio stimuli
  218. method of adjustment with audio
  219. sending event code to EEG for response
  220. Go/No Go Visual Stimuli for Audio Stimuli
  221. self-paced reading + comprehension question
  222. fixation longer than designated time.
  223. Mac High Sierra upgrade
  224. item from a list as feedback for incorrect trials
  225. Self-paced Listening
  226. Fixed and random Events not working across Blocks
  227. unilateral audio stimulus
  228. Run-Only License
  229. Time accuracy
  230. Change Blindness Experiment help.
  231. Randomization without Replacement and Presenting Subset of randomized stimulus list
  232. .Wav Files playing in some experiments and not others
  233. Average Reaction Time Feedback
  234. Editing Visual Stimulus Duration
  235. Display RT in feedback
  236. Having problems with "When to Present"
  237. Free trial - save experiments just not data?
  238. Multiple stimulus presentations and tagging
  239. Double randomization
  240. Stimulus Presentation Below 30ms
  241. Trigger Codes in Netstation
  242. Using questions with particular items
  243. Licensing issues
  244. Presenting Audio Stimuli Over Several Images
  245. Cumulative time is wrong. And it can not work as timetamp.
  246. Two Responses Required?
  247. Control repeating trials
  248. strange problem with the data file...
  249. Problem with response display
  250. Display selected response