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  1. Allocation of Attention in the Visual Field
  2. How Do the Parietal Lobes Direct Covert Attention?
  3. Attending to Color and Shape: The Special Role of Location in Selective...
  4. Accuracy of Recognition for Speech Presented to the Right and Left Ears
  5. A Feature-Integration Theory of Attention
  6. Temporal Integration and Segregation of Brief Visual Stimuli:...
  7. Depth of Processing and the Retention of Words
  8. Mental Processes Revealed by Reaction Time Experiments
  9. Knowledge Structures in the Orgnanization and Retrieval of Autobiographical Memories
  10. Spontaneous Imagery Scanning in Mental Extrapolation
  11. The Effect of Landmark Features on Mental Rotation Times
  12. The Rate of Mental Rotation of Images: A Test of a Holistic Analogue Hypothesis
  13. Forest Before Trees: The Precedence of Global Features in Visual Perception
  14. Proofreading Errors on the Word The: New Evidence on Reading Units
  15. Semantic Distance and the Verification of Semantic Relations
  16. The Occurrence of Clustering in the Recall of Randomly Arranged Associates
  17. An Evaluation of Alternative Functional Models of Narrative Schemata
  18. Remembering: A Study in Experimental and Social Psychology
  19. Context-independent and Context-Dependent Information in Concepts
  20. Facilitation in Recognizing Pairs of Words: Evidence of a Dependence Between...
  21. The Organization and Activation of Orthographic Knowledge in Reading Aloud
  22. A ROWS is a ROSE: Spelling, Sound and Reading
  23. Pragmatic Reasoning Schemas
  24. Priming in Item Recognition: The Organization of Propositions in Memory for Text
  25. Stroop Expt. from Classic Experiments pdf